Building Access Policy

A student must be enrolled in a course, working with faculty on an independent study basis, or employed by the department in some capacity to have access to the facilities. This policy is created and supported by the faculty, staff and administration of the college to protect the health and safety of everyone involved in the studio art department and campus community.

The facilities were designed to accommodate the number of students enrolled in courses. It is not intended or planned to provide for the quantity of space, equipment, staff, maintenance, or material support required for an open access, recreational use space. As a pedagogical space, the Fouts Center for Visual Arts was designed to support the goals of the studio art department courses and not for vocational/ professional development, recreation, or broader community use.

Outside use for meetings and other events by the college administration, outside faculty members of the college, student or community organizations will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

The oversight necessary for safe management of these processes are beyond the knowledge and skill sets of undergraduate students. We are dealing with many processes that have the potential to cause serious bodily harm and destruction to the facility and very expensive equipment. Close management of these spaces is imperative for the health and safety of everyone involved.