A Whitman education is about developing the broad foundation of knowledge as well and discovering who you are and who you want to be throughout all your time on campus. Students at Whitman are encouraged to explore before declaring a major, so students don’t apply directly to a department. Learn more about applying to Whitman here.

Application process:

There is no special application process for becoming an art major or minor at Whitman (and no portfolio of previous work is needed). Students typically declare their majors during their sophomore year.


Whitman College provides a comprehensive, diversified financial aid program— including scholarships, grants, employment opportunity, and loans — to assist in financing a college education. Among the many need- and merit-based scholarships offered by Whitman, prospective students with a demonstrated interest in art should consider applying for the President's Scholarship in Art, which is awarded to entering students in recognition of exceptional talent in the arts. Students must first apply to Whitman, and then follow the instructions on the financial aid page for the scholarship details.

Please find up-to date financial aid information on the Whitman website.

What are we looking for in your portfolio? While we are looking for examples of your technical abilities we are also very interested in strong concepts and a sense of your individual voice. Make absolutely sure that you follow all the instructions in the application; but also make sure that you don’t send us something generic that blends in with every other application. While every piece in the portfolio doesn’t need to come from a previous art class please pick work that demonstrates your understanding of contemporary art. Please don’t send snapshots of family vacations, “fan art” based on some pop culture hero, or … All of those are well and good, but they don’t add to the type of portfolio that we are requesting. What makes you stand out?